Research Communication

From research articles to research presentations to talking with your advisor, these resources will give you the edge in communicating your and other research clearly and effectively.

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Microsoft Word
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Microsoft Word is a text editing and processing softwa…

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Elicit is a research tool that allows you to use the A…

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Penelope AI is a manuscript checker tools that will ch…

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EndNote is a reference management tool.

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Notion is a combination of project management and docu…

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BioRender is figure making tool that allows you to cre…

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Microsoft PowerPoint is a tool that can help you creat…

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Scite allows your to find research articles for the qu…

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Grammarly is a grammar and spell-checker that can help…

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Sourcely is a tool that allows you to find academic so…

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Paperpal is an AI writing assistant that is a part of …

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Yomu AI
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Yomu AI is an AI research writing tool that can help y…

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SciSpace is tool to find and read literature using AI …

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Jenni AI
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Jenni AI is an AI writing partner that allows you to u…