Jenni AI

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Jenni AI is an AI writing partner that allows you to use AI to help overcome writers block, cite, and edit your research articles.


Price: Free Version This software has a free version that is not time limited.
Format: Website

I would use Jenni AI as a way to write a first draft of a research article. Personally, I would turn auto-suggestions off. This would allow me to be able to write my research articles in my own voice. Then, I can manually call an AI-generated suggestion whenever I am getting writer's block so that I don't get stuck on my research article or paper.

While I am writing, I can also use Jenni AI to put in temporary citations. I would most likely replace these using a reference manager afterward due to the limited citation styles in Jenni AI.

As an academic, student, or researcher, you could also use Jenni AI to help you compose emails, social media posts, or blog posts.

This tool is best for early-stage research writers or those who struggle with writing and editing research articles or papers.

Using an AI writing partner can help ensure that you are not stuck staring at a blank page.