Literature and Articles

Find Literature

Find research articles and literature reviews

Reference Management and Organization

Organize References and easily cite your references.

Text Summarization

Summarize research articles and literature reviews.

Research Communication

Research Methods

Develop easy to understand methods sections with these tools.

Research Introductions

Introductions can be difficult to develop in both research articles and reviews. These …

Write a Review Article

Synthesize new conclusions from a set of research articles.

Write Results and Discussion

Effectively share your results and give context to them with these tools.

Research Presentations

Share your research with your colleagues through research presentations.

Research Posters

Create research posters to quickly show your colleagues your research results.

Figure Creation

Create figures for education content or publication

Referencing and Citing

These tools will help your reference and cite literature in your research communications.

Write a Research Article

This includes all components of writing and publishing a research article.

Data Analysis

Statistical Analyses

Confidently describe differences in your groups and perform statistical tests on your data.

Analyze Data

Cleaning and summarizing data

Data Visualization

Create amazing data visuals to share your research.


Notes Organization

These tools will help you to organize your notes.

Taking Notes

These tools will help you take effective notes.

Job Preparation

Resume and CV Preparation

Prepare your record of aritcles, education, and work with a resume or CV.


Find and connect with other scientist and researchers in your field.