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SciSpace is tool to find and read literature using AI to find and understand literature faster.


Price: Free This software is always free.
Format: Website

Scispace is a great tool to use as a researcher to find literature and use AI to read literature faster.

SciSpace has an AI search that you can use to find research articles. However, I would get started with SciSpace's Literature Review tool to quickly find literature related to your topic. This tool will also quickly summarize articles.

However, where SciSpace really shines is with it's AI CoPilot that is an AI chatbot to explain parts of a paper or answer questions while you are reading a paper. I would suggest installing SciSpace's chrome extension that allows you to access the CoPilot feature in your chrome browser even outside of SciSpace's website.

SciSpace also has a citation generator, AI detector, and paraphraser for you research communication.

This tool is best for researchers that want to quickly find many research articles on a single topic or quickly get information about all those articles at once.

The CoPilot tool is great for anyone that has a lot of questions as they are reading a research article or would like to get quick information about an article.