Yomu AI

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Yomu AI is an AI research writing tool that can help you write research articles and literature reviews faster.


Price: Free Version This software has a free version that is not time limited.
Format: Website

As a researcher, you can use this tool to help you write a research article, research paper, or literature review.

The best way to use this is to have an outline of your paper already prepared. Turn off the autosuggest feature. Then, write your paper how you would normally write. When you are getting stuck, use shift-tab to use AI to autogenerate your next sentence. Then, once you find a suggestion that makes sense, keep writing. This can help you eliminate writer's block.

Finally, you can also use AI tools to help make your writing sound more academic, cite your sources, or even convert your bullet points into text.

This tool is best for those who are primarily writing academic articles.