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LogSeq is an open source notes tool that allows you to take disorganized notes and easily organize them and make connections between your notes.


Price: Free This software is always free.
Format: Desktop App



I would use LogSeq to be able to take notes throughout my days and always be able to easily reference them.

Firstly, I can have random thoughts and tasks that come to mind during the day. I find that LogSeq's journal form is great for capturing all these thoughts and tasks. Then, I can tag them so that I can see similar thoughts and tasks in the same place.

However, LogSeq is also a network-based note-taking system. This means that LogSeq can help you make connections between ideas.

LogSeq is great for people who like to have one place to take notes on lots of different topics. Particularly for neurodivergent people, LogSeq can help you organize notes seamlessly as your thoughts may be disorganized.

LogSeq is also great for people who want to keep their notes completely private. Since all documents are kept on your computer and not on the internet, it is much harder for a data breach.