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Inciteful uses network analysis to find new literature and build connections between literature.


Price: Free This software is always free.
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As a researcher, this is a tool that can be helpful to use to find similar research articles and perform network analysis on these research articles.

You can also get high level information about a specific research article.

This tool will specifically help researchers who know SQL and want to use it to filter and find the exact results you want.

Without SQL you can still get a lot of information about a specific article and other literature that are similar to it.

I think Inciteful may be one of the best tools available for find research articles for systematic and meta-analyses because of the ability to specify your search with sql.

This tool is best for researchers who want to be able to find many different similar articles to a specific article in mind.

For researchers who know or are willing to learn SQL, Inciteful opens up a whole new way of searching for research articles.