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R is a programming language that was made for scientist to be able to perform data analysis, data visualization, and statistical analysis.


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Format: Programming Language


Data Analysis

R is a great programming language to start with for data analysis. Since it was created specifically for the scientific community to analyze data, it can be a simpler language to learn if you are just starting with coding.

R also has many great packages made if you are working with bioinformatics data.

R allows you to clean your data, analyze your data, perform statistical analyses, and create data visualizations. R also has capabilities for flow control so that you can automatically perform many data analyses without intervention.

R is best for researchers that do not have experience in programming and want to perform data analysis in a programming language.

If you are pursuing data analyst or data scientist positions, I would also recommend learning the basics of R. If you are looking at research or bioinformatics positions, I would suggest becoming an advanced user.